Hilary Shohoney
Clara is a miracle worker I've had a lot of massages, but what Clara does is life-changing. I've slept better and felt so much relief since my first massage. I'm going back in as soon as possible to see her again. Thank you, Clara!
Julie P
Amazing massage! Clara is a highly intuitive and skilled body-worker. Book a massage with her; It will be the best thing you've done for yourself today!
Wintry's the Best I'm picky about my massage therapists and my only complaint about Wintry is that he is so much fun to talk to that I often wind up giggling my massage away! It's a different sort of relaxing (and not a real complaint at all...). He is also smart, sensitive and wise beyond his years plus he's got strong hands (and a power sander). My favorite massage therapist!
Rebecca Z
Best massage therapist in town Clara is absolutely amazing. She has helped eliminate back pain that I've suffered with for years due to scoliosis and bad posture. She also provides me with stretches to do at home to help aid in my healing. There have been times where I thought I would never be pain free, but most days I now am thanks to Clara's healing hands! I also thought I'd never see my posture improve, but she has worked magic on my muscles. She has repaired YEARS of damage. Very grateful for her and her skills and would recommend her to EVERYONE! She can really get into those muscles and provide relief! Highly recommended!
Ana Helena
An Excellent LMT I'm a massage therapist myself, and when my roster is full, I almost always refer to Clara Parnell. She has studied so many modalities and is highly equipped to deal with pain and injuries. She has healed me, and has taught me a fair number of techniques that I use regularly in my practice. She is a natural, but she also puts a lot of energy into learning new and relevant skills for her changing clientele. I highly recommend her work.
clare a.
Amazing! I love this place and Adien is the absolute best. Multiple times I've had emergency needs and he is always accommodating to the best of his ability to get me in. Once there, he targets areas of importance and often I leave with my pain levels drastically reduced. Fantastic place. Wonderful humans doing healing work. Go see them!
Steve H
The BEST I'm someone who needs to remind myself / put effort into exercising good posture. After an hour with Clara, my body naturally springs into a respectably upright position. Stubborn knots that would otherwise plague me for months are vanquished. Sweet relief! I've been seeing Clara for 3+ years and look forward to every visit. Highest recommendation.
Missy R.
Good for the body, good for the heart Open Hand's physical location deserves praise: Centrally located and close-in, the treatment space is simple and lovely - airy and light-filled, yet private and comfortable. Even the massage table itself was comfortable, warm, and ample. Though I've only seen Clara Parnell so far for treatment, she has a strong intuition and discerning taste that make me certain that her fellow practitioners will also be skilled, knowledgeable, body-positive, and queer-friendly. It hardly does justice to call Clara a massage therapist; she's so much more. Clearly a physiology geek who has learned the best of many modalities, she will, with a client's permission, work on the fascia, viscera, energetics, and structure of the body - not just the musculature. She does a fantastic job of clearly explaining what she's doing, when needed, in a way that feels supportive of and inclusive of the client. I come out of treatments with Clara feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, mobile, and much better off than when I walked in. I can't recommend her highly enough!
Clara is amazing massage therapist I've been seeing massage therapists for over 20 years, hands down Clara is the most talented and intuitive massage therapist I've ever seen. She always gets to the route of the issue and recommends stretches and exercises to help alleviate discomfort.